Breathe life into history

Breathe life into history

Breathe life into historyBreathe life into history

About Us


MAZarte Dance Company

is an artistic organization that exposes the history and the art of the indigenous artisans of our Mexican culture through dance. The goal is to promote Mexican culture, heritage and bring history to life. We offer educational programs to NYC communities. We believe that our approach to culture and the arts should be holistic and each program reconnects and supports the indigenous communities we leave in Mexico.


Our Mission

 Our mission is to create a union between dance, research and indigenous art to promote our Mexican cultural heritage, bring history to life and produce educational programs to our communities. We want to expand cultural awareness and an appreciation that will nurture diversity and inclusivity. 


dedicated educators


We are committed to partnering directly with community leaders to customize programs, with an approach suited to meet the needs of each community we serve.


Kids Classes Start Feb 1!

For more information and registration email us at or contact us directly at 917-476-1844/ 646-785-7537

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